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Now with over 400 episodes, the Joyful Scaling Podcast is the Go-To Podcast for high-achieving Christian women looking to unapologetically 'pursue the impossible' and scale their business from 6 to 7 figures.

Joyful Scaling for
Christian Female CEOs

with Judy Weber, Esq.

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Ep 386: How to Get Consistent Sales Between Conversion Events

Sales drive business.

What motivates CEOs to focus on sales is simple: making sales is how you make impact.

The more sales, the clients you help to transform their lives.

And bring glory to the Lord God Almighty as you do!

What better reason than THAT to make selling a priority....

In this episode I'm focusing on sales, specifically what it means to sell 'directly' v. 'indirectly'.

Do both and you'll find your sales happen more consistently (AND you'll have more JOY in the doing).

Listen to learn:

-the difference between selling directly v. selling indirectly

-how to continue moment following conversion events to keep warm leads 'warm'

-how to keep top of mind (and get sales between conversion events)

-an example of how to sell indirectly in a way that feels good (and not sales)

-how to think of sales to NEVER again say 'I don't wanna bother anyone'

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About Judy Weber:

Judy Weber is a Business Success Coach & Scaling Strategist who helps Christian women 'pursue the impossible' through entrepreneurship. A former trial lawyer & c suite executive, Judy now uses her extensive corporate experience (winning in the courtroom and leading in the boardroom) to mentor both early stage & established service-based business owners, setting a new standard of excellence in business coaching for Christian Women.

Normalizing miraculous results is the daily mission at Judy Weber Co. Past clients' results include quadrupling annual revenues, repeated 6-figure launches and dramatically increasing sales conversion rates - all while doing business joyfully, faithfully and unapologetically, for the glory of the Lord.  

Judy is the Founder & Host of the globally-ranked ‘Joyful Scaling’ Podcast & a sought-after Keynote Speaker, on all things life + business for women of faith.


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