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Christian Business Coach
& Scaling Expert

Why Women Are Perfectly Positioned to be Extraordinary Entrepreneurs!

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From a small town girl with big dreams and passion to empower women, Judy is an example of what's possible when you take God at His Word and 'go for it.'

Over the past several years, Judy has personally worked with 100s (and impacted 1000s through her Podcast, Weekly Live stream, Masterclass & more), imparting 30 years experience in business - as a lawyer, C suite executive and serial entrepreneur. 

Judy coaches her clients to achieve miraculous results in their business, going all-in on their faith in Christ. Seeking Him. Obeying Him. Trusting Him.

Using the Faith-Fueled Thought Model, a framework she created to direct your thoughts to Scriptural Truths, her clients learn how to think strategically and act intentionally, in order to hit your goals!

Judy created the Joyful Business workshop to help you lean into your full potential & purpose under God.

She created it for the clients who need YOU to work with them. And to show you what's possible when you fully step into your identity in Christ and your role as a faith-fueled CEO.

Ready to see how doable, simple + joy-filled growing your business can be?

joyful scaling podcast

joyful scaling podcast

Joyful Scaling is a top-rated podcast (formerly named She is Extraordinary) with listeners in over 30 countries. Ranked #3 for Best Christian Women Podcasts & #13 for Best Christian Business Podcasts by FeedSpot.


Judy founded the podcast to inspire & equip high-achieving Christian women to unapologetically 'pursue the impossible': run a sophisticatedly simple business and scale from 6 to 7 figures.  Matt. 19:26 


Whether a coach, consultant, expert, agency owner, lawyer, physician or other professional - or if you’re ready to transition from employee to business owner - the strategies + mindset you need to succeed are here.

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