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If you're here, you're curious about working with Judy. So you can step fully into your God-given calling to serve others through your service-based business. To fully embrace who God made you to be: a faith-fueled CEO!


Please know that our programs are not for everyone.  We've cultivated a community of driven, successful, impact-driven entrepreneurs who take personal responsibility and create results as they work with us.


I bring you a unique combination of 30 years of real-world business experience (as a lawyer + c suite executive) PLUS nearly 20 years as a serial entrepreneur - this allows me to identify gaps and opportunities in businesses quickly.  So we can put together a workable, strategic plan that works.  A plan that's grounded in Biblical principles and fueled by your faith in Christ. 


Our programs have specific requirements to join.  Should you meet those requirements, we'll invite you to join us!


Please contact: with any questions.


For now, complete this form completely.

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