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Ambitious & Accomplished Christian Women Called to Business

(Coaches, Consultants, Experts & Other Service-Based Business Owners)

A Limited-Time Only 


Watch this exclusive 5-day training series where you will learn the simple process for growing your purposeful + profitable service-based business (without overworking, overthinking or ever compromising your faith).

Build a 6-Figure



Free for a limited time only

(Value $497)

Learn the #1 most profitable business model, the key to highly-effective marketing & our proven sales strategy to consistently sign your 'best clients' 

During This Free 5-Day Training Series, You'll Learn How To:

Day 1: Get Off the Hamster Wheel of 'Doing All the Things' and Sign Clients This Week (trade in exhausting 12+ hour days that fail to move the needle for intentional focus that gets results)

Day 2: Learn My Right Offer Framework that Positions You as the Go-To Expert and Produces Consistent Sales (and draws in your best clients organically)​

Day 3: Leverage This Simple Marketing Strategy to Grab the Attention of High Quality Leads, Fill Your Pipeline & Grow Your Email List (and taps into your innate God-given gifts)

Day 4: Make Selling Your Offer Simple, Streamlined & Stress-Free with my Sales Conversation Protocol (and the surprising psychology behind authentic selling)

Day 5: Develop a Faith-Fueled Mindset in 30 Days to Achieve Miraculous Results (with ever-increasing revenues and next-level impact, all for God's glory)

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If your goals for the next
12 months include:

✔️ Creating a premium service offering that can serve your best clients need, right now

✔️ Curating your brand messaging to cut through the noise & stand out from the competition
✔️ Developing a highly-effective marketing strategy that doesn't leave you feeling like a slave to social media OR require dumping money into ads

✔️ Mastering authentic selling, signing more of your very best clients with ease

✔️ Putting simple systems in place to dramatically increase productivity (& open time on your calendar)

✔️ Building a sophisticatedly simple business model - fueled by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!


Then you need to watch this training series, NOW!

This is a training series delivered straight to your inbox. Every day you'll receive a new training that you can consume at your own pace. 

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Get ready to grow your business to 6 figures

& learn how to replicate miraculous results, again and again

(and get off the overworking hamster wheel, once and for all)

Get immediate access to this exclusive 5-day training series.

Don't Miss this Limited-Time Opportunity!

"Since working with Judy, my business has exploded! Last month I made $34,600, more than all of last year. Following the process and living my faith has made all the difference...this is just the beginning."

Danielle Mendoza

Business Consultant

This training series will show you exactly what's working now for hundreds of successful early stage entrepreneurs

Our clients are reporting significant shifts in their revenue, their mindset & their walk with the Lord, simply following the 3-step process to your 1st $100K that I've developed.  This exclusive series of advanced trainings will show you exactly what they are doing that's working NOW.

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Meet Your Host

Judy Weber, ESQ

Judy Weber is a Master Business coach, 20+ year serial entrepreneur & host of the globally-ranked 'Joyful Scaling' podcast (with over 3 decades of real-world business experience as a trial attorney + c suite executive).


She is the founder and CEO of Judy Weber Co, the premiere coaching consultancy for Christian women with service-based businesses. She teaches her driven, high-achieving clients how to achieve miraculous results by living their faith in their business - impacting the world with their God-given gifts. 

Get Immediate Access To This Training Series!


grow their businesses

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