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Now with over 400 episodes, the Joyful Scaling Podcast is the Go-To Podcast for high-achieving Christian women looking to unapologetically 'pursue the impossible' and scale their business from 6 to 7 figures.

Joyful Business for
Christian Female CEOs

with Judy Weber, Esq.

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Ep 451

Ingredients to a Higher Ticket Offer Infused with Irresistibility

Welcome to Day 2 of Offer Week!

Today's topic: Creating YOUR Irresistible Higher Ticket Offer

Listen to learn:

the 3 decisions that make up my Right Offer Framework™ 

the importance of identifying your 'best client' (and the consequences of failing to do so) 

why 'powerthinking' even about what's never been done before is the 'juice' to creating an offer your audience will talk about as 'gotta have' 

the 4 'extras' to layer into your offer to infuse irresistibility 

the Levels of Value (including exactly where wealth is created)  

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Podcast page graphics (website).png
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