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Now with over 400 episodes, the Joyful Scaling Podcast is the Go-To Podcast for high-achieving Christian women looking to unapologetically 'pursue the impossible' and scale their business from 6 to 7 figures.

Joyful Scaling for
Christian Female CEOs

with Judy Weber, Esq.

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Ep 324

Embracing the Notion of ‘Selling Everyday'

Selling is a necessary part of growing & scaling your business.

And selling is serving.
From a place of authenticity.
It’s noble.

Put simply, selling is all about furthering relationships.

And the GREAT news is:

As a woman, God made you naturally relational, which means you were born to be a master at sales.

(Did you follow the logic there?)

If you’re not proactively embracing the notion of ‘selling every day’ you’re leaving beaucoup bucks on the table…..

....and NOT impacting the lives of those looking for you, right now

Listen to learn how to implement ‘selling every day’ in YOUR business.

In a way that feels aligned with your values.

Look out 2023, here we come!

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About Judy Weber:

Judy Weber is a Business Success Coach & Scaling Strategist who helps Christian women 'pursue the impossible' through entrepreneurship. A former trial lawyer & c suite executive, Judy now uses her extensive corporate experience (winning in the courtroom and leading in the boardroom) to mentor both early stage & established service-based business owners, setting a new standard of excellence in business coaching for Christian Women.

Normalizing miraculous results is the daily mission at Judy Weber Co. Past clients' results include quadrupling annual revenues, repeated 6-figure launches and dramatically increasing sales conversion rates - all while doing business joyfully, faithfully and unapologetically, for the glory of the Lord.

Judy is the Founder & Host of the globally-ranked ‘Joyful Scaling’ Podcast & a sought-after Keynote Speaker, on all things life + business for women of faith.

Joyful Scaling Podcast with Judy Weber, Esq.

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