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Keep reading to discover how this program can help you install our marketing & sales machine into your business, so you can sign higher-ticket clients - every week!

(You've unlocked access to our exclusive deep dive training into our 3-part marketing & sales machine.)

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I know what it feels like to be successful at your career, but struggle to get your business off the ground and replace your 6-figure corporate salary.


As a woman who pursued the 'impossible' (ie, those things ‘people like me’ just did NOT do)....and tackled work-related challenges head-on and WON (by God's grace)... I dealt with my share of guilt around being ambitious as a devoted woman of faith. 


Finally, after Bible study and precious time with the Lord, I learned that God created me with ambition built-in. And the fire in my belly to step out and do what felt super scary (ie, launch my own business) was a desire He put in me. 


So I decided to trust Him. And my business began to flourish (signing 10 clients within just a couple of weeks).


Fast forward to 2019 ,when I heard the Lord tell me to pivot. To focus on coaching ONLY His daughters.  And to show them how to do business His way - with simplicity and joy - and empower women to live their faith BOLDLY, as they grew their business.


I prayed the Jeremiah 33:3 pray, asking God to show me His way to do business and He downloaded to me the simplest & quickest system to grow your business to consistent $10K+ you serve your clients to the uttermost.


Now, every day Christ followers - like you and me - get to walk in our God-given calling, making huge impact in a way that brings glory and honor to the Lord!


We get to be 100% who we are in Christ and sign clients who have been praying for us, without chasing them OR convincing them to buy.


I invite you to join me inside the Joyful 6 Figures Accelerator so I can help you install my proven automated marketing & sales machine into your business, so you can (finally!) start signing clients consistently. 


[6 Months] 3-Step Marketing & Sales Machine Roadmap: the exact steps to install our proven automated system for consistent higher ticket enrollments

[6 Months] Right Offer Framework: if you need to create your higher ticket offer (or finesse one you already have) this framework makes it foolproof to make sure it's irresistible


[6 Months] Joy-Infused Marketing & Ethical Selling Modules: marketing and sales from a decided (and unapologetically) Biblical perspective. Doing business God's way!


[6 Months] Weekly Group Coaching & Strategy Calls: your exclusive opportunity to talk through strategy, get out of any mindset blocks and get the real-time help you need to move your business forward. 


[6 Months] Private Facebook Community: for collaborations, networking, celebrations. Most importantly, submit your work to be reviewed and receive detailed feedback from Judy.


[6 Months] Templates Library: no need to start from scratch, get access to slide decks, email sequence, sales 'scripts', agreements, workbooks and so much more!


[6 Months] Private Podcast: listen back to coaching call replays on the go, as often as you like 


[6 Months] Monthly Sales Roleplays & Co-Working Sessions: dedicated time to practice and refine your skills, so your business grows quicker as you step into your role as a faith-fueled CEO


[6 Months] Faith-Fueled Thought Model: learn how to hold every thought captive as unto Christ and overcome your fear, doubt and worry (this will change your business and your life)


[6 Months] Access to BONUS Material: this includes modules on podcast guesting (including my entire pitch protocol), 5-figure launches (with a detailed launch prep plan), strategic accounting, a hiring guide & more!


✔︎ You are currently selling your offer but not consistently and you're ready for an upleveled higher ticket offer that gets better results for your clients and produces more freedom for you


✔︎ You have several offers but want to simplify your business and focus on one higher ticket offer, so you can make more impact, generate more revenue and enjoy your free time


✔︎ You have the vision to take your business to multi 6 figures (even 7 figures) and you want to do it without burnout (while creating a legacy ....all for the Lord's glory)


✔︎ You don't like sales, and so the idea of signing clients without sales calls sounds ideal


✔︎ You know that to reach your goals, you need more than just a DIY course.  You need ongoing, real-time, ongoing support and you're ready to learn business from someone who has gone before you


✔︎ You are excited to learn how to live your faith as a CEO, putting Christ at the very center of everything you do in your business.


✔︎ Month 1: Your Irresistible Higher Ticket Offer, Messaging + Pre-Selling: you'll learn how to design, name and price your finessed higher ticket offer. Then together we'll work on creating messaging that stands out and gets your best client to see the value and enroll.


You'll host your first pre-sell event which allows you to generate revenue as you curate your irresistible higher ticket offer.


✔︎ Month 2: Build & Install Your Marketing & Sales Machine: you'll build your automated system - including your email nurture sequence - so you get more of the right eyeballs on your work. Follow the templates and get all your questions asked. You'll feel empowered and confident as your marketing & sales machine is set up. 


✔︎ Months 2-3: Launch Your Marketing & Sales Machine (and Sign Clients): you’ve broken into the consistency phase where your email list is growing daily & you’re signing clients. You have more time, more focus.....more JOY!  


✔︎ Months 3-6: Monitor & Refine to Maximize Your Results: as clients say YES to working with you, you'll track the numbers and make adjustments in order to maximize the effectiveness of each part of your system.


Look at how working with us has impacted our clients who were once just like you, but decided to take

a leap of faith and go ALL in with this process...

I hit my first 5-figure month!

Danielle \ Bespoke Book Consultant

I had my BEST launch ever

and it was actually fun!

Charisse \ Business Coach

In 1 week I signed three $5K clients! Your faith-fueled tools are changing everything for me.

Lisa \ Wealth Activator

My business soared after working with Judy.

Carolina \ Top 100 Real Estate Team Leader

I’ve had 5 & 6 figure months working just 10-15 hours per week!

Alisha \ Integrative Health Practitioner Coach

Judy, you taught me how to be a CEO who makes bold moves. Our work together impacts my life as I share your wisdom with my daughters.

Amie \ Real Estate Investor

I’ve gained so much clarity & confidence in my worth and the value of my marketing expertise. Made my investment back in just 3 months!

Eugenia \ Marketing Strategist

I made my investment back in my first week, and have

4x'ed it since.

Ioana \ Christian Life Coach


Copy of Audio Testimonial Template.png

No more buying programs and getting STUCK on a vital part of the process with noone to turn to for help.


No more facing a legitimate business problem and hearing 'it's purely a mindset issue' as a response.


Here at Judy Weber Co, we highly value results for our clients.

Your results are our results.


That's why we structured Joyful 6 Figures Accelerator to be a DONE WITH YOU program.


YOU watch the training videos and plug in our templates.  WE support you every step of the way with group strategy calls, high touch 1:1 support and detailed video feedback. 


There's no room to fail here and absolutely no room for quitters.


For the ones ready to go all-in and follow the process, your success is inevitable.


We want YOU to be our next client success story!

bonus video

Here is Your Deep-Dive Bonus Training Into Our 3-Part

Marketing & Sales Machine

(click the video below to watch this training now)

We believe Jesus Christ is Lord and we seek to honor & praise Him with everything we do, inside our business as well as the lives and businesses of our clients. We joyfully tithe back to His Kingdom and actively invest in and work to build a company fueled by faith in our beautiful Savior. We believe in miracles. We unapologetically pursue the impossible knowing, in Him, all things are possible. We encourage you to join our community if you share these values and want to work with a company devoted - above all else - to Jesus and the Truth of His Word.

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